Alpha Legal Video Services





We offer a wide array of post-production services, including but not limited to:



transcoding(mpeg-1, itunes mpeg-4, etc),

CD and DVD duplication,

DVD authoring and publishing,

color correction,

and 3D medical animations.

Video Depositions

Advantages to a video deposition are obvious and clear:

-Accurately record testimony

  • -Juries find video more persuasive

    -Video Captures things that transcripts can't

Our videographers are CLVS, certified by the National Court Reporters Association.  We use the most reliable, state of the art technology to deliver the highest quality video depositions available.






Day In the Life Documentaries


My BlogDepict the impact an event has had on your client.  Viewers will experience the hardships your client experiences firsthand.



Construction Documentation



Document the progress of a construction site or damages made.  You can document progress over a long period of time, while also slowing down to highlight important events in the process.